November 18th, 2007


winter feelings.

recently i feel all winter-like. i long for the cold and the snow, and i want to hang the light chain up on the balcony already (but i've decided to wait until the 1st of december). i have even bought christmas cards this far in advance, for the first time ever. and we will have a small christmas tree here even though we go home for christmas, we'll just buy it a little earlier and enjoy it the weeks before. ^^

things are good: i have finished most of the drivers' licence driving, and i have the theory test on the 8th of january. unfortunately i can't book my drivers' test until i finish the theory test, so i guess i can't get the licence until later in spring. but nevermind - i WILL get it and that's the important thing, since i've been wanting one since the day i turned 18 and now i'm 24. it feels like it's about time ;) i haven't got a job yet, there are no good ones available apart from the ones where i'd have to work over christmas, which i don't want to. but the lack of money is frustrating and i feel bad when erik has to pay most bills.

things are still totally perfect between us though - and i don't think that'll ever change. i'm not naive, i'm just in love. i've been thinking alot about now being a so called "grown up" and the fear that most of us 80s-born people have of turning into another "Svensson-couple" who just live very boring lives where the job is the most important thing around which the world spins.

i can imagine that in other people's eyes, i'm turning into one of those people when i'm "settling down" with erik, planning for a future together, dreaming of a house and a permanent place to stay. however, both erik and i are very much against letting the jobs deciding the direction of life. preferably, we want to work less than 100% later, which means we'll have to live somewhere cheap
(=not in stockholm), but still in a place with possibilities to get a satisfying job.

having a house and a garden would really make it possible for me to develop my interests of gardening, having a veggie and environmentally friendly lifestyle, even doing some wood crafts (bird houses!), experimenting in making concrete objects and lots of other stuff i want to try out. i would also like to read much more about environmental issues so that i can start some fun projects on my own. taking courses to become a "nature guide" would be great and fun. i have so many plans and dreams, but for the moment i can only sit here and hope hope hope that i get into one of those gardener programmes. that would be a start for all this. interview on wednesday for one of them, ahhhh!

but we're in no hurry at all, really. so for the moment we can just continue cuddling up in the sofa each evening with our cups of tea, waiting for the winter. tonight we'll watch terminator 2.

*hums on terminator 2 music*

pompompom POM POM POM! pompompom POM POM POM! <--- loves.
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