December 9th, 2007


glöggmys och pepparkakor. (monster big entry, muahah!)

the advent and christmas feel has started here very early. i guess i just have too much spare time to decorate the flat and do cosy things. we even got a christmas tree already! it's because erik and i will go to our families over christmas so we wanted a little celebrating on our own, beforehand. the tree is standing on a table and is only around 1 metre tall :) here's a cute photo of glögg, a candle and yummy fair trade chocolate:

when not decorating i've been drinking kusmi tea (<3), eating pepparkakor (swedish gingerbread cookies) and playing zoo tycoon (an old pc game) alot. i love that game. not what it stands for (to breed animals and earn money on it) but for its cuteness! the animals are so beautifully made and there is alot to learn of each animal. and the game is quite hard too, the animals demand special treatment and stuff. ^^

another big thing that has happened lately is that i changed to Linux for good (Ubuntu 7.10), which feels so good :D i still have windows installed to play some games, but linux is my main system. it works perfectly and i can even run photoshop (a windows program) through wine in linux. it would have been the only program i had missed, but i didn't have to let it go, so now i miss nothing :) i started to use open source programs (open office instead of ms office, filezilla instead of smartFTP, mozilla instead of IE) a long time ago so the change to linux went very smoothly indeed.

i also read the theory for my drivers' licence. i have the theory test on the 8th of january. if i pass it i might get a time for the drivers test within 4 weeks after the written test. i will for sure have a drivers licence before april, at the very latest. it feels so strange - the very thought of me going down to the car, opening the door and driving away on my own is surreal! it will feel so strange.

i love driving the car, but even with a drivers licence i will not do it often. we only use the car once a week and when we go to gotland. the very technology behind gasoline-driven cars is stupid and environmentally damaging. i hope for a future with only electrical cars (no stupid ethanol fuel). and the electricity should of course come only from renewable sources like water, wind and sun power. slowly, many swedish companies are investing more money into wind power plants. i don't get why many people are so against this. i don't mind the looks of them and it should be made easy to build your own one next to your house, for example, without too many legal restrictions.

as for the whole environmental debate right now: no, i don't think the western world or the developing world will slow down their economical (and thus damaging) development. it's impossible to solve this problem without leaving some of the ideals that are now top priority (consumerism) behind, and that will never happen. instead, countries try to solve the environmental problems within the existing systems, which give birth to paradoxes like politicians saying "we have to make big changes to save the environment" and at the same time saying "things are going well for sweden, all businesses sold more goods and wares than the year before and people spent more money than ever before this year!".

what is needed, in my opinion, is:
> to invest -alot- of money into renewable energy sources, making all fossil fuel super expensive and giving punishment taxes to all companies trying to sell people environmentally dirty wares, transportation and energy. this would mean that car companies, energy suppliers and many more would be forced to invest in new, clean, technology to survive at all, financally.
> to stop being so afraid of the oil-rich countries, doing all that is possible to get away from oil-dependent technologies.
> to stop thinking of ethanol fuel as the main alternative - sure, it is renewable, but if all people around the world started driving cars on ethanol we would have an environmental disaster coming from all the plants, fields and plantages needed to develop ethanol.
> to make it very easy for people who want to live environmentally friendly. that is, building their own wind powerplants, sunpower plants, close to their home, and stuff like that. lower the taxes on environmentally friendly houses and building materials.
> force shops to have a certain ammount of goods (like food or clothes) that is organically made. (KRAV, etc). punish those who doesn't with higher taxes.
> make laws that force all businesses that work with selling stuff to people (energy, transporations, food, clothes, homeware, etc) to inform about the environmentally friendly alternatives first hand. that means putting these products in the front in the shop, first sell off these energy solutions, make more advertisement for these products than for the rest, etc.)
> encourage regions such as communes to see to the whole region when developing an environmental profile. give bonuses to regions who solve their environmental problems in a good way.
> put a bigger emphasis on environmental education in schools, in businesses/companies and politically.
all this will only work if it happens in ALL countries, which in many cases is politically impossible and in other cases is politically unlikely. it will probably never happen, which is why i feel hopeless, restless and sad over this whole thing.

here are some more photos of the cosy stuff in our flat :)

the tree.

the tree (and my fav siouxsie poster with the "dazzle" front behind it).


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