February 8th, 2008


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Ahhh! A few days ago I found and bought the most beautiful collector cards on Tradera, and i got them today! According to the auction seller, they are from the 1920s and that is probably true. They are collector cards that were only available in cigarette packages. "Issued by the imperial tobacco Co. (of great britain and ireland)." What do you think?

There are 50 cards in the series. I bought these 13 at first, but then the seller told me he had more pictures and I will soon have the remaining 37 here in my hands. The whole series! They cost almost nothing and I get totally warm when I see them! So fitting now with my gardening plans and all. I think i will frame most of them. They are all quite small so i could have all, or at last many, in one frame :D

The series is called Flowering trees and shrubs. The pictures are exquisitely drawn and painted, and the printing is well made. They are made of thick paper, almost cardboard. On the back side, facts about the tree or bush can be read in beautiful english. It's amazing that even such a thing as collector cards from cigarette packages were of such quality and so artsy back then. Did cigarette buyers really care so much for trees and scrubs? I don't know, but i'm happy that some of them did, so i could find these!


Ahhh, i'm in love! ^____^
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