February 16th, 2008


Birds and fish.

Today i head the soft chirping of the Bohemian Waxwing (Sidensvans) and to my surprise the whole group were sitting in the tree near out kitchen window. Photos here! For the first time, i managed to get quite decent photos of them, even though they are not perfect. This is one of the most beautiful birds in sweden (along with the Blackbird, the Spotted nutcracker and the Bullfinch).

Yesterday, i also played around with our camera settings to manage to photograph the aquarium fish, and out of 150 photos, 7 turned out okay, heh. The photos are quite boring, i know, but i'm so proud of them because it's soooo hard to take photos of the fish when they swim around like crazy. All photos here.

Last weekend, Erik and i visited a nature reserve with untouched forest, lots of dying trees and moss. Lots of photos from this place here. It was so beautiful, my heart melted ^^ Sweden has alot of forest, but the old forests are vanishing and too little forest ist protected!
I really want to live close to a real forest later, when we live in a house.

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