September 2nd, 2008


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i dyed my hair brown yesterday, but some of the old red dye shines through. at least it's much darker than i've had for a long time. i like it. and my hair is finally long enough to put a hair clip in. in the strange garden fairy outfit i had in school today i almost look too cute ^^

after much going back and forth erik now lives with me in stockholm and we've left Växjö for good!
i have looots to do with my garden studies but i haven't done much because of the move from växjö.
i better start now!

my fav tea at the moment the organic "Rabadab" black blend. slightly fruity but not in the usual bad way.
my biggest concern has our ancistrus catfish really managed the move to stockholm water well? he's acting strange, and he's the fish we have most feelings for! i really hope he'll be okay.
what i shop right now all mutts comic albums. i had some before, want them all.
my biggest stress what to get for my dad's 80th birthday!

overall i'm september-happy because i'm living with my man again <3
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