September 24th, 2008


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autumn is here and i love it! i've been eating swedish apples and mushrooms but i miss being out in nature. in växjö it was much closer to go out in the forest, but i must find a good place this weekend and go out. these are the trees close to the train station in enköping, where i study. beautiful!

i bought a cute dress today. recently i wear dresses almost every day, but with different tops and scarfs in layers on top. the good thing with the fall is that you can never wear too many layers. and i love knitted socks and over-knees. (i look horrible on the photo though, my face looks totally flat! hehe)

aaaand i managed to find an internship-place for the 2,5 weeks we're supposed to be out. i tried so many places so it's such a relief now when i know i have somewhere to go. a small gardener company, it will be perfect!

we manage good in the small flat but of course it'll be nice once we find something bigger. we will look at a flat in jakobsberg this weekend but i don't think we can get it, being on place 14 in the queue. so i put my hopes to kungsängen and keep wishing that a flat in our taste will pop up in that queue soon, which is quite possible.

and i'm still so much in luuuuv, i have the best boy on earth. <3
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