October 4th, 2008


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number of pumpkins we've eaten this fall: three.
number of times i've listen to the glasvegas album the last two days: eight.
number of times i've thought i should workout in the mornings but have done nothing: thirty-seven.
number of weeks i plan to eat no sweet stuff/candy except fruit: two.
number of pages i've written on a story that's still not finished: forty-five.

It fascinates me how differently people listen to music. Collapse )

And i don't care about the hype, I LOVE GLASVEGAS - music and lyrics, and i almost come to that scottish accent every time i hear it. <3 I listened to them when we went a total of 6 hours with bus to elmiamässan this wednesday, and they made me survive the trip. It was beautiful going past Vättern. (The second biggest lake in sweden, it's 1893km2 and it's peremiter is 642km!)

today i will buy some plants and put on my grandparents grave. later, my mum will cut my hair a little, and then we'll go to chutney (restaurant) and eat together - my birthday gift to her.

it's sad that the horse-chestnuts that look so beautiful in your hand when you find them outside turn brown, dry and sad when you take them in. i want to keep them as small treasures.

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