October 19th, 2008


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I love the autumn, of course. It's especially enjoyable on the train to school, going past the rural lanscapes between stockholm and enköping, seeing the yellow colours of oaks and birch trees against the dark firs, and lots of roe deer standing on the fields. But yesterday erik and i made a walk in the older parts of solna called råsunda and to the neighbour-suburb called sundbyberg and that was great too. Walking in the yellow leaves lying on the streets i saw saw many beautiful houses, gardens and places where'd i like us to find a flat. But it's impossible, blah. If we're lucky, we can get a sublet flat somewhere in that area.
On the train.

My favourite tea for the moment is the kusmi tea green bouquet (same as the black bouquet de fleur, but green). I only drink green tea in the evenings, though. But yesterday i had white wine. Anna was here and we finally watched the Darjeeling limited. I also ate a kinder egg and it hatched into a cute furry dinosaur!

Autumn is very much about candy, movies and tea, it seems. But to somehow slow the slacker process down i've bought a clipcard and will from now on go swimming twice a week. I really have to. I don't need to loose weight but i've got no muscles what so ever - i'm like an old lady. It's sad but true.
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