October 22nd, 2008


Just a small review and a little bit of nostalgia ^^

Yesterday i was at chinateatern and saw Brett Anderson live.
Warning: I guess this entry is not very interesting for anyone who didn't love suede back then :P

It was only brett, sometimes on the piano, sometimes with an accoustic guitar, together with a girl playing cello. I thought he would play mostly songs from his solo records (which i haven't heard at all) but he only played a few of those and then he started with all the old ones, the really old ones, the BEST ones, including b-sides and what not!

The audience was made out of mostly people around 25-30 years old who i guess were (like me) there for nostalgic reasons. And he really played for the fans: He played songs that I always wished Suede would play when i saw them live 1998 or so. The girl on the cello was beautiful and it was like magic watching her play.

The older songs he played were:

- Europe is our playground (my youtube clip here)
- Pantomime horse
- He's gone
- The living dead (love!!) (my youtube clip here) (someone elses clip here)
- By the sea (my youtube clip here)
- The wild ones
- Still life
- The 2 of us (ahhh!!)
- The asphalt world (ahhh!) (my youtube clip here)
- Saturday night
- Down
- So young (my youtube clip here)
- Trash (youtube clip here)

Trash was the last song, the whole audience stood up, singing with him. This song really feels like part of the soundtrack of my life. it's just soooo 1996!

Sooo.... my britpop heart is still burning ^_____^

I talked to a girl sitting next to me who like me was there alone, for nostalgic reasons. She was really nice and i almost wish I'd ask about an MSN address or something. You always think of things like that too late, bläh.
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