November 6th, 2008


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personal statement - seriously, "it's a sin" and "rent" by pet shop boys must be among the best pop songs ever written. they are technically perfect, just perfect. there are of course many other songs out there, but it strikes me every time so i just had to say it. love them <3

bats. the bats you hear outside here in sweden this time of year are not doing a hopeless hunt for non existing insects, they are mating! since i love bats i thought i just wanted to share. ^^ the sperm stays within the female bat until spring, when the real impregnation takes place. (det är också extra kul att den vetenskapliga familjen som sveriges fladdermöss tillhör verkligen heter "läderlappar")

i've been so dead lately, doing my internship at a small garden firm, travelling around in the stockholm suburbs taking care of private gardens and building/designing new ones. try digging holes in compact november dirt a few days in a row and you'll get what i mean. my baaaaack! and i've been leaving home 06:15 almost every day...brrr... but i've been doing fun things too, and learnt alot, so i'm happy!

we've found a flat(!) in akalla. it's a three room flat that we'll rent for half a year from the 1st of january, maybe longer. it's really bright and great-looking inside, and the nice flatowner (i was almost writing batowner :P) will remove all furniture except for the things we want to keep there. it's all very great.

just two photos that i liked.
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