November 24th, 2008


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It's been snowing for several days with around minus 3 degrees (C) and i love it. I've been walking outside in the stormy snowy weather, going to school, just smiling. Snooooooow! It's been especially great listening to Joy Division and Glasvegas while walking. But i feel sad for all the wild rabbits here in solna. I really should give them something to eat. Below is one. Aw.

On saturday, I had a party here in my flat for some friends in my class. It was great. We played Singstar and laughed our stomachs out to one of the songs on the new "Disney singstar, when we noticed that one person has to sing "Hinga wama nama wa ka wada" all the time in "Circle of life", while the other person sings the verse (even during battle mode!). The WHOLE song, hahaah. It was just so... strange. ^^

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