December 15th, 2008


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This past weekend, I found a garden-related old card-game (my parents think it's 1940s) that i just had to buy. It was in one of my favourite retro shops: "Moderna Magnus" on Storkyrkobrinken 14 in the old town. It's open on saturdays only, with lots of porcelain and ceramics such as cups, plates and similar from the 50s-70s, and lots of toys and memorabilia from the 60s-90s. The shopkeeper is really nice as well.

Ah well, here's the deck of cards.
The one who sits with the evil cactus boy in the end lose the game! :D

- -

I'm particularly fond of the verses:
"Här är vallmoflickan fina - av henne gör man opium i kina"
"Glad och med ett nytert smil - gossen ringblomma kör bil" XD

It's just so.... kitsch.
And all the boys look so.. gay - in a good way :D