May 22nd, 2010


Saturday morning

The balcony is alive again! I will be home alot this summer so this time, i guess most plants will survive and be happy all summer long. I haven't planted anything in the hanging white pots yet, will do on monday.

It's already too hot outside to wear my 70s corduroy kimono-style jacket that i bought in a second hand shop. But i love it, don't know why. It looks gardener-ish! So I'll show it here at least.
And the right one is a dress that i also bought second hand last year and finally had the time to make shorter. It's loose fit and quite colourful - great now in spring.


The brown dress? What to say about it? A super-70s ABBA-style dress, that i made shorter. Now it looks like an anime-warrior-abba-dress. It doesn't show here, but it has square-shaped golden buttons on the sleeves and around the collar. OMG! I have to wear it on a party some time. ^____^
As a complete contrast, the right pic shows me working in my working clothes. Muahahah! Very comfy.


Another photo of me working, to show the serenity. It's all silent (no traffic to be heard), but with birds singing. So great. <3

What's even greater? FERNS!! <3 <3 <3

All the time, I'm whistling on this great tune: