July 12th, 2013



My livejournal can't die, I have to post something. ^^

Ever since i got Selma and go to town or to someplace with many people arond me, I see so many people I think i recognize. But I don't, it's just... I think i know their faces. I feel like this with alot of people I see, and it has got me wondering. Maybe the mother-hormones I got that were supposed to make me very observant of Selma's moods and demands have made me notice -faces- more than before? I really can't explain it any other way. I study their faces (until they look at me strangely), and really feel like I've met/seen them before. But I haven't, not so many people. It's so strange!

She's so big now, our little girl. Almost 20 months. Very determined, playful, exploring, learning... It's an amazing age, this. We love her so much, every day spent with her we are amazed and overloaded with cuteness, even though there are harder days sometimes. It's all about letting her out to play, making her tired, making her learn new things all the time though, so no time for anything else. I miss browsing fleamarkets for hours or lying half asleep on a blanket somewhere, listening to the summer sounds. We're happy if we can sit still for 2 minutes on that blanket.

We're off to see a Game of Thrones episode now, still watching season 2. I'm reading book three (part 2). Still amazing, these novels.

Btw, I'm on Instagram now too. ebba_db